Wednesday, June 16, 1999

Opt-in E-mail list marketing secrets (shhh!)

The crowd was hungry to hear Mr. Alan Meckler speak at the "E-Mail Newsletter/Opt-in E-Mail Marketing Seminar," produced by his Zapata-like and held at the Marriott Marquis on Wednesday, June 16th. But Mr. Meckler never showed and the seminar was "lite." Each speaker spoke for about 5-10 mins and defined what sorts of lists there are (opt-in and discussion), how they started their respective lists and ad/rental rates. I noted other e-list owners Tristan Louis (, Larry Chase (Web Digest for Marketers) and Sherry Reisner (NYNMA) in attendence. Marni Kotak (Virtual Growth) and David Talon (Humor Network) were also there.

Mitch Scherr (iBiz Development), who I met in Austin, TX at my cocktail party, introduced me to Mark Bruneman of the Peter Chislett of Postal Works LLC and WWWAC board member and I caught up on the news since we'd last seen each other. Bernardo Joselevich (DutyFreeGuide) and LaLa Wang of Metro List Express were enjoying some of the dumplings, puff pastries and pasta that was being served afterwards. David Meadows and Rachael O'Meara of and Betty Wong of Service Finders were also taking a moment to refuel and chat. Dara Tyson (PR director extraordinaire, Penton Media) introduced me to a few key people, including Steven Wright-Mark of Schwartz PR.

Rachel Luxembourg introduced me to Chris Knight, one of the speakers (for the ISP lists) and who has another company in Wisconsin that manages lists (SparkNet). Doug Block, the filmmaker who created a documentary and film called "Home Page" came over to tell me about a NY Showing. This film also made the rounds at the SXSW conference. Despite the slightly canned presentations, won marks for how to have a short & sweet event -- the whole thing from sign-in to presentations to reception was managed all in two hours. Now there's effective-seminaring! They also "get" branding with their give-aways: an tote, pen, pad of paper and an ad rates folder!