Thursday, June 03, 1999

Methodfive new corporate web site

From there I skeddadled down to Never on East Houston street for Methodfive's
 unveiling of its new corporate web site. Not too shabby! And the sake martinis were
 cool and refreshing too! Ed Bennett (an investor in Methodfive) confessed he's had a
 5-day hangover from all the celebrating from's acquisition by AOL. He
 thinks it's a great move for them and beamed as he told me about his other ventures
 like Engage Technology, which is going public in a few weeks! Nearby were Sara
 Watkins and Karthik Swaminathan of With over 160 people in offices
 in NY (55 Broad), Sidney, Paris and headquartered in Cug (South of Zurich), this
 software solutions provider of broadband multimedia is doing fantastic! Since all the
 free sushi was gone by the time I got there, Jon Gitlin and Jeff Cutler of
 (Winstar is the parent company) were generous enough to offer up some of theirs to
 me. Yum! Gitlin and I chatted a bit about the hot new performer Elvis Sinatra
 ( and his unique interactive performances while Grant Watt of and the awesome Gitlin had a mini-reunion. William Lopez of Qwest, Josh
 Harris of Pseudo, John Wooden (Darwin Digital), Peter Bordes and David Smith, and
 Jaime Levy of Electronic Hollywood were all happy, mellow guests in this steel and
 cybery bar. Adam Smith, the new director of the Toy Department at MIT's Media
 Lab (how fun!!), and I chatted about what's the coolest new toy (Oogles--a Tickle Me
 Elmo mixed with a Furby). Ned Davis of (launching in a few weeks)
 stopped by and told me they're going to have a huge party at Ed's (Bennett) house.
 Jeff Stewart of Proxicom had lots of news for me, all of which will be revealed soon! I
 also reunited with Joshua Shaub (who I remembered from a presentation in '95 at a
 WWWAC meeting on who's now at The RLM PR crew--
 Richard Laemer (CEO of RLM PR), David Quast (VP/Managing Dir.), Tabatha
 Strum and Bridget Fishleigh--was out, bubbly, helpful and efficient with greeting
 guests, making introductions and ordering sushi for special people! : )