Thursday, June 03, 1999

Art Directors Club's 78th Annual Awards Gala

With a big elaborate dildo and promises of a "little stimulation," the Art Directors
 Club's invite for the 78th Annual Awards Gala and exhibition preview, celebrating Gold
 and Silver Medalists and Distinctive Merit Winners, looked intriquing. Sponsored by
 Tony Stone Images and held at their great gallery space on Thursday, June 3, there
 was, as promised, a multi-media smorgasbord and sporadic/sonic bursts, elegant
 edibles (including sushi bar) and bubbly beverages (full open bar). Women were attired
 in everything from a full-out taupe embroidered hoop-skirted ball gown, clean
 kimono-like dresses, strappy (and strapless) dresses and tottering strappy sandals to
 match. Men were outfitted too, in slick patterned shirts, well-cut pants, fashionably
 clunky shoes and hip haircuts. I saw Paul Crayton of Digital New York and met
 Susanne Ackerman of Flatiron News. Stuart McBride of UDA was there without his
 trademark baseball cap and introduced me to Mary Bogart (VP, Product Dev., M.Z.
 Berger & Co.) who works with people on designed watches. Kevin Skoglund (UDA,
 Operations Manager), Mike Essl of Chopping Block, Nick Cogan of BullseyeArt and I
 witnessed the ear-splitting sounds of static as background music to an African man
 painted gold dancing with a traditionally attired Japanese woman beating a drum as the
 two danced, tapped, gyrated and jived. Wowee -- there's some Footloose fancy