Friday, June 18, 1999

TCS Intro: 6/18/99

Darling Scene-stirs! Guess what?! June is rushing through and there's so much to tell you! In fact, there's so much -- I'll have to make this Scene so short and let you read all the juicy stuff on ze web site. But don't fret, gentle readers! If you still have that anklin' to print ze edition out and read it on ze train to La Hamptons, you can! (from ze web site!)

* Join me under the stars at a fabulous outdoor concert. As part of The New York Pops Summermusic Concert, June 21st at Lincoln Center's Damroch Park. Starting at 5:30 PM for lovely wine, hors d'oeuvres (dessert & coffee at intermission); an amazing raffle; and the soothing pleasant sounds of The Pops under the incredible Skitch Henderson's direction! Join me at my table -- call 212-765-7677 to RSVP. $55. Benefit for Children's Music programs.

* Check out the newest Internet webcast with Silicon Alley Live @ PC Expo. WWWAC President Bob Ponce has spearheaded and taken the WWWAC group, and now this venture, into new directions. Check out broadcasts of interesting panels throughout the week at: Psst! I'll be hosting and moderating a few shows!

* Cocktails with Courtney -- June 30th. Stay tuned for the final details on the first summertime cocktail party!