Tuesday, June 22, 1999

PC Expo parties

The plethora of parties was not in shortage tonight, but I almost didn't even make any of them after the first one. First stop on my evening agenda was Planet Direct's sunset sail. PD did this little three-hour tour last year but on a cloudier night. Tonight, the WFC was a buzz with hundreds of happy single people havin' beers at Morans, listening to a jazz band play outside, watch (and enjoy) some swing dancing, and take in the stunning sunset. PD rallied people at Morans and then boarded the Petrel for a lovely 2 1/2 - 3 hr. sail. It was a mini reunion for me to see some people I met at the last year's sail, and some fabulous former colleagues of mine at both Brand Dialogue and Darwin Digital. Jason Oates and Alex Delateja of Jordan McGrath Case & Partners and Tom Hespos, who announced that he's leaving K2 Design after TWO and A HALF YEARS to assume the same position at Blue Marble. Craig Marrano, looking cooler-than-cool with his hip sunglasses, was telling me all about the changes at BD and musings about stock options. Kevin "The Man" Howard, Jared "New Meat" Belsky and Andrew "No NickName" Ralles of iBalls.com also came back for this year's cruise. David Forgione (VP, adv. & e-com) and Jeff Cunningham (CEO) Planet Direct were also looking calm and relaxed (and why not?) just before the boat took off. Anthony Mazzarella and Elana Moore of Darwin Digital were looking smart and happy as they told me all about the exciting changes at DD.