Friday, June 18, 1999

Bits & Bytes -and- Shakers & Stirrers 6/18/99

SHAKERS & STIRRERS ______________________________
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* Kyra Feldman is the newest kid on the block at T3 Media. As Marketing Communications Coordinator she'll be busy for this burgeoning company!

* Blue Dingo News: Valerie Boyko was hired as Director of Client Practice at Blue Dingo and Mike Meyers as Director of Production. Watch for more additions in the coming months as Blue Dingo continues to strive for unique solutions, full business integration, and increasing our clients' value.

NEWS BITS AND BYTES _____________________________
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* On Flag Day (6/14) VAGUEpolitix officially launched on PBS Online at They are one of the few independently-developed websites hosted by PBS Online, so we are particularly excited about partnering with them.

* Alyona Makeeva, a smart and beautiful designer and Russian Web Girl has almost completed her newest web site featuring her fine artwork. Alyona's work is strong and vibrant and shows intelligence, strength, whimsy at times, and history. Her previous exhibit was at: Check it out and enjoy some beautiful artwork on the Web.

* The Egg Farm Dairy has launched their ice cream into cyberspace! Get yours at:

* CEO Mark Patricof and Cary Woods, President and CEO of Independent Pictures, announced the Phase One launch of the Independent Pictures Web site. Independent Pictures ( represents the next wave of independent motion picture studios. The site, which will be developed over the course of the next year, will exemplify the true spirit of independent film. Phase Two developments will involve e-commerce functionality and cultural enhancements designed to bring filmmakers into the IP fold through their provision of original content, editorial and programming.

* Lydia Sugarman announced that ChickClique, an online magazine and informal, non-exclusive club for girls, chicks, women and their friends who love reading, talking, thinking and riding bikes and do cycling will be a full blown web site by (hopefully) July 1st. The sister site of TheGoodEgg.Com, is starting off as an e-mail newsletter till publication. Go to http://www.TheGoodEgg.Com, click on ChickClique, and fill out the form for a free subscription to our mag.

* Web guru David Siegel wants to see you in his long-awaited new book - as well as your boss, your co-workers, and your clients. He plans to sprinkle the headshots throughout his new book to illustrate a central principal of Futurize Your Enterprise: Winning companies of the future will be customer-led, not customer-driven, and customers will want to see themselves reflected in the sites they use. Details and special prize info at: Deadline for entries is Monday, June 28, 1999.

* Mark Jeffrey (VP, Business Development / co-founder, The Palace) let us know that the Palace now has voice capabilities. Check it out!

* Pics from the Methodfive Never sushi party are up at:

* Roger Tallman, of Tallman NY and Warehouse Recording recently concluded a project for DreamWorks Ltd for an upcoming video release of "Joseph." Tallman is one of the pioneers with audio use on the Internet. His company offers a full service audio and digital video post house! Find out more at:

*, a leading online sweepstakes promotions company, announced a strategic investment led by Excite@Home and XL Ventures LLC, an affiliate of Big Flower Holdings, Inc. In all, secured $40 million in private funding from 12 investors.

* WorldSpy (, an on-line research and shopping service, announced the grand opening of four new product pavilions -- Small Appliances, Home Store, Sports and Fitness, and Health and Beauty that are stocked with thousands of products from well known industry brands.

* Blue Dingo has revolutionized the way business is done on the Web. With one of their clients, Volvo, they developed a radically new approach to promotion, marketing analysis and integrating media. If you haven't seen the site yet, you should take a look at Take advantage of the sweepstakes! Win an S40 or V40.