Friday, June 04, 1999

Throw me a Foodline

Imagine a world where you could go on-line and check out all sorts of information on restaurants you're interested in going to. Old news, eh? Well, what about if you could also make a reservation on-line, then change it, customize your favorite preferences about drinks, the way you like your salmon prepared, your spouse's name and other important details so when you arrived at the restaurant you were greeted like an old friend and everything was the way you like it. Well. This lovely feature is coming your way soon thanks to Already one year old in Boston, their NY-office launch party on Friday, June 4th in their new space. Wonderfully rich paintings, done by the high school pal of Foodline co-founder Paul Lightfoot, Benedict Cressy decked the walls. Already in two restaurants in Boston--Le Zygomates and Ambrosias--the company is working with NYC downtown restaurant Foxhounds for their launch here in August. Mundi Morgado and Richard Park of Zefer consulting group helped Foodline prepare the system to work with many existing systems already in place in restaurants. man-about-town Jonathan Perkel, NYNMA-event planner Sherry Reisner and entrepreneur and author Jeff Cannon (Marcis Interactive) came out to check it out too. Board Member Mitch Soniex was checking out how the system even has features like "VIP" and "Blacklist." Wow. Better watch those table manners!