Friday, June 11, 1999

Bits & Bytes -and- Shakers & Stirrers 6/11/99

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Marj Kleinman will be leaving The Learning Annex and joining the team at MaMaMedia as of June 14th. She will be producing and launching a new educational area on their site and is " excited to be getting back to children's programming, which is what I did before I came to The Learning Annex. "

Jeanine Moss, formerly from the New York Business Forums has joined Organic to create a new public relations and communications division in New York.

Entertainment Drive (, announced that Megan Kline has been named Vice President of Business Development and Marketing. In her new role, she will be forming strategic partnerships with celebrities as well as overseeing the individual sites through Starclubs (, Entertainment Drive's latest initiative which develops, produces and maintains Official Celebrity Websites.

Well how do ya like that? After NYU gave Arul Sundaram his MBA and kicked him out the door, he joined Community Connect - the folks who run - as their Commerce Director.

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+ From: Eleanor Hass (E-Technologies)
Subject: Another EMAIL VIRUS is out there!!

"And very dangerous. Worm.ExploreZip is a virus capable of destroying data. It enters your system through email. If you don't catch it, it may destroy crucial files on your system.

Experts aren't sure how far Worm.ExploreZip has spread, but email systems at Microsoft, Intel, Symantec, NBC and General Electric were hit so hard that some had to shut down mail servers. That kind of malicious power should not be ignored.

You're a target if you use: Microsoft Windows 95, 98 or NT, Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange for email

Be very careful with email. Do not open email with attachments unless you're certain the sender is safe, and only after you've downloaded protective software.

The worm -- first discovered in Israel -- enters as an email attachment with the name "zipped_files.exe." It's deceptively friendly message reads:

Hi "name of recipient"!
I received your e-mail and I shall send you a reply ASAP.
Till then, take a look at the attached zipped docs.

Experts say you should delete it without opening it, and then empty the deleted items file.

If it executes, the worm copies itself to the windows system directory with the filename "Explore.exe" and then modifies the WIN.INI file so the program executes each time Windows starts.

It then uses the infected computer's email client to harvest email addresses in order to propagate itself. But behind the scenes, it plays real mean: searching C through Z drives and selecting crucial file extensions and rendering them useless by making them 0 bytes long. Result: Non-recoverable data or computer system failure.

If you have opened the suspected email attachment, shut off the computer, call tech support, wait, and pray it's not done its harm."

(I received this attachment but did delete it. So make sure you know what you're getting from who out there, folks.)

+ Bolt (, the largest teen-focused Internet destination according to Nielsen/I-Pro, today announced a content and marketing deal with Yahoo! Inc (Nasdaq: YHOO). Bolt will be featured in many places on the Yahoo site.

+ Mark Smith of (by day @ PR 21--Chicago) and his friends are making serious headway with their personal- pet-project Caribbean Traders ( They've added e-commerce to the web site and have finished writing the J3 "memoir" about historical-based adventures. Self-publishing the first 1,000 copies while shopping for a bigger deal, they're going to get some traffic with a $3,000/month in banner advertising package on, Link Exchange, and starting 7/1. Print ads will be by the end of the summer in high-end consumer books. Mark's partners, Mike Tidd, president of Caribbean Traders is also "one of the most creative guys and astute businessman" and webmaster Lee Stral, is also owner of Essential Presence, a Chicago-based Web site design and e-commerce consulting company.

+ BMG MUSIC PUBLISHING, exclusive music sponsors at the 40th annual Clio Awards, now has available for download Version 2.0 of their 1-888-BMG-SONG search system. The database, in conjunction with their toll free number allows you to search for and preview songs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

+ and Central Park Media Corporation (CPM), a US Japanimation supplier, announced today an exclusive three-year agreement which will make Anime videos available to fans on the Internet. Anime videos will be broadcast exclusively on the Web site (

+ Basketball great Dennis Rodman will jumpstart ICONOCAST's Web Attack! next week. Read all about it at:

+ Blast Radius Sends Shockwave Through the Web
Four days after launching the G-shock site (, Blast Radius won the coveted Macromedia Shocked Site of the day on June 5th. The newly developed site is a showcase of the most advanced internet design and interactive content incorporating games, contests, special events and the world premier of " G-Gurl" an interactive online comic.

+, a leading business-to-business Internet portal that specializes in sales and on-line service of hardware, software and office products, announced today the selection of D'Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles Los Angeles, Blue Marble ACG, and Ruder Finn as its new brand communications partners for advertising and public relations., a wholly owned subsidiary of En Pointe Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: ENPT), utilizes a new proprietary technology enabling it to offer the largest virtual inventory of computer products on the web.

+ Farrell Fritz, P.C. Corporate/New Media Attorney Jonathan Ezor got a nice write up in the Long Island Business News: