Tuesday, May 25, 1999

Role-playing with lawyers

Steven Masur, Esq., moderated a panel on "Business Legal Issues Encountered by Internet Companies" on Tuesday, May 25 at the N.Y. County Lawyers Association, Committee on Entertainment and Communications Law. All those questions you were afraid to ask were covered as two Internet veterans (Tery Spataro, Chief Operating Officer of Blue Dingo, and Augustine Fou, President and CEO, go-Digital Internet Consulting Group) role-played as founders of MediaStock.com. Lawyers who participated were Jerrold Spiegel, Esq., Frankfurt, Garbus, Klein & Selz P.C. (CultureFinder, CDuctive, MiningCo [About.com], Interactive8, Connect Systems, Dynamicsoft), Elaine F. Stein, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, LLP (AOL, iVillage, JuniorNet), Nancy E. Wolff, Esq.,  Law Office of Nancy E. Wolff (Corbis Corp., Getty Images, Picture Agency Council of America), Paul Goodman, Esq., Elias, Goodman, Shanks & Zizmor, LLP (RareMedium, Kozmo.com, T3 Media), Travis L. Gering, Esq., Wuersch & Gering LLP (musicmusicmusic.com, Claremont
Investment Partners, LLC, shareholders of TheGlobe.com).
Afterwards attendees enjoyed local brewed Ruffian Ales & Lagers (http://www.ruffianbeer.com) and schmoozed as they mused the outcomes! I had a chance to chat with Greg Belmont of Grand Central Holdings and attornies Steve Filler, Paul Goodman and Travis Gering.