Saturday, May 01, 1999

Razorfish's May Day party

 In one of the most artistically stimulating weeks I've had in a while,
 the new media scene seems to have taken a break from frenzied IPOs
 with a few exceptions, (see below) to focus on higher intellectually
 and visually arousing events and news.

 With a banner IPO just fresh from the market behind them, Razorfish
 held their annual May Day party on May 1st at the new trendy
 spacious space on West 18th Street. Greeted at the door with a
 Mac-truck sized cellophane banner barking
 "" and handed a Whirly Pop from a
 vertically-challenged, bubbly clown-girl popping out of her outfit; I
 took a moment to get my bearings before heading into one of the
 Alley's most infamous annual events. I watched in amusement as the
 huge UFO moonwalk in the center of the space jiggled where inside
 people gyrated (in various levels of undress and various levels of
 intensity) and smoked (various types of plants). To the far left was a
 table set up with the classic Rfish calendars (in which each month is
 shaped like a coaster), books and merchandise from their studio and
 publishing arm were for sale. There even was a cotton candy vendor.
 Mmmmm! Sweet and sticky yummy goodness. Before wandering
 around too much I chatted with Josh Kimberg (Bullseye Art) who
 introduced me to Nik Loop of 55cc (a part of, which is
 the London version of Bullseye, and is associated with Tomato and
 Curious Pictures. David Olsson of SpeakEasy whizzed by and
 downstairs I passed Jaime Levy of Electric Hollywood (and who is
 talking about her on-line game that lets you know what it feels like to
 be a dog at Rhizome's final Digital Dessert @ The Kitchen).

 Downstairs I stopped in the Glove Room that was entered by crawling
 through a cubbyhole sized "I/0 Port" door and which was littered with
 inflated surgical gloves and a strobe light. Another wacky room for
 making out with a sweet one, or a strange one -- of which there were
 plenty. Circus characters in outlandish outfits pranced around and
 forced thin new media slick hip girls and guys in tight minimal clothing
 to slink even more between each other in the narrow passageways.
 Beyond the Glove Room was another bar, a REAL tattoo parlor and
 tarot card readings, and the Disinformation Room, where I met up
 with Richard Metzger (creative director, Looking dapper
 in his suit and tie, Richard introduced me to Gary Baddeley, Nick
 Hodulik, who's worked on disinfo for 1-year and Naomi Nelson, a
 dancer and friend of Richards. Tim Nadeau of Brandscape who is
 "developing great new relationships everyday" and Kelly Evans
 (Silicon Alley Connections) were also decompressing away from the
 crazy crowds. The awesome Sambanditos were jamming down here
 too and among the crazy dancers was beautifully navy-blue haired
 Craig Kanarick who was giving quite a show for guests (and Mom and
 Dad!). Just before leaving, as I was getting my Elmo balloon animal
 hat, Bo Peabody strode by and a crowd began gathering around three
 young ladies in underwear who were dancing on the stage. Ah yes,
 like the great opening and closing lines of "The Grand Hotel" (MGM),
 "People come, people go. Nothing ever changes." Razorfish.