Thursday, May 13, 1999

Equity-compensation: Strategies @ Digital Sandbox

So what was NOT going on Thursday night? Not much. I managed to
 make four out of the five events in my datebook. First stop was to
 learn about "Equity-compensation: Strategies for Building and
 Motivating Management Teams in Silicon Alley" at the Digital
 Sandbox. Presented by the Financial Women's Association and
 sponsored by Bryan Cave LLP and Grant Thornton LLP, The event
 featured quite a handful of enterprising entrepreneurs. They included
 Jeff Phillips of Stockobjects; James Marciano of; Betty
 Wong of ServiceFinders (who wore a stunning red-silk, Chinese print
 jacket); Rob Steir of MBA FreeAgents; Bigfoot International; Eleanor
 Hass of e-technologies; Bill Duke of FreelanceNY; Craig Zolan of
 UniversityVentures and The Humor Network guys. There were many
 other executives who learned about how the non-qualified stock
 option plan rules in Silicon Valley and about the differences between
 C and S Corps, LLCs and LLPs. As fascinating and useful this
 information was, I had to head out to the next event! A little report in
 from Charles Hamilton of Planetrider said that the panels got better
 and better and "in fact, by the third session--and after a heaping plate
 of sushi and a couple belts of Merlot--it was more than worth the