Saturday, May 15, 1999

Happy Birthday Vica!

You may know Vica Vinogradova for her talented work on the Russian Web Girls site or on Sonicnet, or even her professional site, Ladno. But her talents extend beyond all these efforts to more -- and her recent return from Moscow for her birthday gave me the opportunity to hear about some of them. In addition to developing her business in Moscow, she worked on the Kremlin Cup and continues helping build the RWG community on-line. Other guests who came for cheer and celebration were Maya (Kremlin Cup), Katya (designer), Slava Borisov (, Anna and Ivan Eliashevish (fashion designer and scientist @, Scott Ettin ( -- and original WWWAC member) and Leonid. Everyone looked great and most women had on wildly artistic outfits on the fine Spring Saturday (5/15) night in Manhattan.