Tuesday, May 04, 1999

Edgewise '99's "provocative and practical" conference

 Edgewise '99's web site promised a "provocative and practical"
 conference that would showcase the best and brightest minds at work
 in new media and on the Web a chance to immerse in creativity and
 innovation. Based on the unique structure, speakers and topics, I'd say
 Stuart McBride (chair of the conference) was successful in
 accomplishing this. Normally, it's tough to sit through panel after
 panel, but based on the audiences' laughter at Peter Hirshberg's
 presentation of "Script and Scriptures" and his comparison of the
 Internet to Religion (where he compared Deityland to Disneyland),
 things were going along just fine. Sara Lefton was presenting at the
 Three 4 All later that day and out in the exhibitor's area I chatted with
 Dawn Stonebraker about the new ArtByte magazine that she's helping