Thursday, May 13, 1999

ICONOCAST @ W Hotel New York

Who has the most infectious laugh in the industry? Why Michael
 Tchong, of course! The editor and chief information architect of the
 weekly ICONOCAST newsletter arrived at the newly renovated
 (wow, is it renovated!) W Hotel New York on Thursday, May 13th,
 to a welcoming crew of myself and Dara Tyson of Penton Media. We
 were sampling the refreshingly light avocado hearts with lemon aioli
 on toast points just before he snapped a few pictures for the
 ICONOCAST Society page. Terry Kent of VNU and Don Miller of
 Horizon Media Inc., and the Mass Transit Interactive crew of Danny
 Schaeffer, Jason Burnham and Hope Distant were all there for the
 lovely cocktail reception and presentations. There's a concept -- the
 cocktail party beforehand! Mike Corso stopped by before heading off
 to hear Winston Marselis play at Alice Tully Hall for an Ellington
 tribute. Jeff Olander of AdForce and Bill Somers of
 Neilsen/NetRatings explained their services to me. Neil Cohen (senior
 VP, biz affairs, AdAuction) introduced me around, and I got a nifty
 baggage tag made from my business card. The silent auction included
 funny money we could use to bid on AdAuction's site, where they
 were launching the banner-ads-for-auction service. Neat concept. I
 met Harold Van Arnem (CEO of, who'd been getting my
 newsletter from Mark Friedler at Gigex. Dinesh Ahluwalia of Tribeca
 Internet Initiatives, Inc. told me about one of his companies' sites,, which is the world's largest destination site for
 Indians. He said that 70% of the traffic comes from the US, but the
 content providers are in India. Margaret McCann of
 came out for the event, and as the topic of fashion came up, Michael
 and I realized we were both in our blue Versace suits!