Tuesday, May 25, 1999

breakfastnetwork.com's fishing for good panelists

The dressy set of the morning crew convened again faithfully on Tuesday, May 25 at Bryant Park Grill for the breakfastnetwork.com's discussion of meeting demands on on-line customers. The grocer, the fish-hawker and the wanna-be gangster (Stratis Morfogen, pres. and CEO, FultonStreet.com; Tom Furber, president, Hannaford's HomeRuns; and Jason Calacanis, CEO of Silicon Alley Reporter) expounded on who they are, what they think of web sites and what their favorite movies are. Ho-hum. Pass the lox please. I couldn't make heads or tails of what these guys were saying, and they didn’t seem to stay true to on topic, although the rest of the audience seemed transfixed. Some attendees who were paying attention were from Charett Recruiting, Don Schatz of Administaff and Judy Harnick and Sandy Charet of Charet & Associates. Eric Gordon of The Globe.com, Michelle Harris of Blue Marble, Patti Goldfarb (Creative Benefit Solutions), Howard Schwartz of Heynetwork.com (which just spun out 2 weeks ago from Antidote), and Kevin Callahan and Michael Mochnal of Vantage Techonologies came out for the early morning breakfast. Lisa Boyne (former WWWAC board member), Thomas Morey (Snickleways) and Dawn Berber and Ellen Auwater of NYNMA came out too. The panel ended with Stratis doling out live lobsters for those who wanted them! breakfastnetwork.com is a well-produced panel, but we just need to stop the panelists from pontificating too long and stay on topic!