Tuesday, May 16, 2000

Hillcrest High takes the Prize

For the second year in a row, MOUSE conducted their Online School Newspaper contest for area high schools. Done in part with iXL, students from 17 schools could take various Photoshop and HTML workshops from iXL-ers Elizabeth Seifert, Ben Soper and Maureen Zeccola. Among the schools participating were the School of Performing Arts and the Center for Career Education, which is a school for homeless children. There were three winning schools, but the experience is what really counted. Third place and Palm Pilots, went to the Lower East Side Preparatory school, whose site had clean navigation, expandability and great content. Second place, more Palm Pilots and leather cases went to the Staten Island Tech School, whose site had amazing DHTML pages and java rollovers. First place and Toshiba laptops for each student went to Hillcrest High. Their newsletter features elegant rollovers and navigation, and the articles were among the most well-written pieces of online journalism I’ve seen! There was much festivity and excitement among the students, the teacher-advisors and the organizations involved. Afterwards I got to chat with Hope Harley of Bell Atlantic, who donated space for the ceremony.