Wednesday, May 03, 2000

More media bytes

Pictures of Russia from the last 10 years hung on around the space, and mellow jazz came from the band of Tim Ries. Laurel Touby's gathered a strong network of press on May 3rd to celebrate World Press Freedom Day at the Newseum/NY Photojournalism Gallery. The first person I ran into was Ed Baig, who relatively recently moved over to USAToday, and then I chatted with writer/editor Thomas Raineri. Laurel came over looking quite smashing as hostess -- with a big red bag as her accessory. James Taranto of the Wall Street Reporter and I discussed family ancestry stories and how amazing it is to uncover them. Dan Goldman (DC Comics) was looking quite London-retro, and he, his brother Steve Goldman (, Views) and PJ Gach ( and I carried on a conversation about nonsense, candy and Hip Hop awards. Stimulating as all this was, I made my way to go -- but not before introducing myself to Roberta Caploe, executive editor of Seventeen, who was in a lovely 50s-styled salmon-pink suit. Karim Mostafa of Editor & Publisher was also dressed quite spiffily, as were most of the guests. Imagine that! Dressing up for a cocktail party!