Tuesday, May 02, 2000

FilmSnacks-Chaos Theory

At first glance it was a very unassuming setting. The same three or so people were typing a script, researching bands in clubs and ordering coffee. The Cyber Café on Prince Street was doing business as usual. And yet, what was that in  the corner? Six toned and trendy teenie-boppers were typing away furiously on their own terminals. What was going on here? Rob Copeland of Copeland Communications introduced me to Edward Vilga, EVP creative development and production of FilmSnacks, a production company that is producing "Chaos Theory," a weekly online serial. The story follows the teenagers, who try to find a friends who got lost after coming to New York City. In the cliffhanger way, each day something dramatic happens.

What's different about this online serial, other than the fact that many of these teens had never been in a chat room before, is the charitable aspect of it. In a Web-community altruistic spirit, FilmSnacks set up a process to contribute to the Digital Clubhouse Network for every hit the film receives on Alloy.com, where the shows are broadcast from. Additionally, FilmSnacks will offer paid internships, filmmaking, Web multimedia courses and other incentives to teens in the DCN program. Mary Ellen Bavaro, executive director of the DCN, was on hand as the students chatted with other teens about acting, their characters, the film and other teen topics. Check out this film, so that not only more contributions can be made, but you can win a chance to be in it! www.alloy.com