Monday, May 01, 2000

'Cross town, an awarding dinner

Set in one of the elegant and austere rooms at the Waldorf-Astoria, Columbia University's Business School hosted its annual dinner for Distinguished Leadership awards on Monday, May 1. Philip Geier of The Interpublic Group and The Honorable Lawrence Summers of the US Treasury received the first two with much fanfare and decoration. The final award, the Millennium, was presented to Steve Case of AOL, complete with security guards throughout the crowd. I had the pleasure of joining Carolyn Everett (class of '95), who invited me and told me about her new post as a Chief Executive at Cablevision and Primedia's new joint venture between Rainbow Media and New York Magazine. While dining, I enjoyed chatting with Nelson Fraiman and sampling the fine Italian red wine with a piece of the Hermes insignia-stamped (logo) white chocolate. There were quite a few (hundred) people enjoying this dessert -- as well they should, considering the evening brought in more that $2 million dollars