Tuesday, May 02, 2000

Click Click Who's Who

Doubleclick hosted a simple but targeted panel discussion on "Women in the Internet Space." Led by four Harvard Business School MBAs, 50 or so networked women attended the event on Tuesday, May 2nd. Award-winning author and new media consultant Karen Page (MBA '89) introduced Uuma.com VP Lucinda Bhavsar, The Cheyenne Group Partner Susan Denison and Stockback.com CMO Kathy Reilly. Did you know that she owned her own makeup line? Of course the marketing brains behind the company, Doubleclick's EVP Wenda Harris Millard, also spoke about her background and experiences. Sara Steingart of Quorum Associates and Elizabeth DeMarse, who told me about her exciting upcoming new venture, were among the women who met new and old friends. Did you know that there are 27 million women online, and that women would rather have a computer than a phone? However, only 38% of people in technology are women. Hmmph! I suppose that explains why Screaming Media only had three women and 29 men speak at their summit on Tuesday?!