Wednesday, May 17, 2000

Scheming Media schemes and dreams

At least three trays of chicken fingers and two plates of duck pizza  went past me. All around the room were platters of celery and carrot sticks. And as I chatted with Darryl La Rue and David McKie of about the LA scene, which is where they’re from, we saw more plates of food coming out. The packed Scheming Media party at Velvet Lounge on Mulberry Street on Wednesday, May 17, drew content and media folks from all around. Simon Feldman of Content Arts and Gregg Weiss were going over some VR work on his laptop and standing not far off were Esther Goette ( strategist), Claudia Nitz (Bauer Publishing) and Isabel Kirsch of Heading upstairs, I saw Justin Zimmerman of the City of Yokohoma and Mark Baer of NYSE. After the perilous climb in the darkened stairway, I met up with attorney Havona Madama, who forewarned me of the perils we women have with multiple parties on our dance card. A few weeks ago, as she attempted to hit a few events in one night, a heel broke from her shoe. What to do? Thank heavens there’s an Old Navy on almost every corner! Jan Bergthun of told me of her firm’s deals on toner, and before heading back down from the smoking lounge I chatted with three cool, collected women—Michele Drohan, COO of, Megan Foley of Hellmuth, Obata, and Kassabaum. The night was young, but I knew Thursday would be a busy one, so I retired early.