Wednesday, May 17, 2000

Media Life magazine

If you're involved in media buying for the web, and who isn't on some level, then you should check out the newest mag to come onto the scene! Media Life magazine is getting started by the dynamic and effervescent founding editor-in-chief Gene Ely and witty and with-it senior editor Jeremy Slossberg. I'll be contributing too -- writing about advertising on the web and you can sign up for your free subscription at This new web site will be aimed at media directors, media planners, and media buyers and is scheduled to be online as of May 17th. Free for registered subscribers, this mag will cover the entire media industry, with sections on new media, TV, cable, magazines, and newspapers. The emphasis will be on the Web as an advertising medium and their goals are two-fold: first, to inform people who specialize in new media about the latest developments in the marketplace; and second, to relate major trends in new media to the overall media marketplace--a valuable but often missing perspective on the hype-addled Internet scene. Just two of the things that set Media Life apart from other publications is that they do not believe that new media stories are only about finance, nor do they believe that being the first to announce someone else's announcement is equivalent to being a good reporter. Gene also launched the award-winning print magazine "Inside Media" and is applying his industry know-how and journalistic talents to bring a new level of value to the concept of "trade publication." So anyone who is a media decision-maker is entitled to a free subscription, and may enroll at Send me your tips and good things to write about!