Tuesday, May 09, 2000

Nights of parties -- a recap from Colette Ballou, PR director, AudioBase, Inc.

May 9/Idea Integration @ SFMOMA

Idea Integration’s integration of Red Eye Digital Media, Integral Results, OMSI and Real Time Consulting celebrated to create a SF Bay presence at their launch party at SFMOMA on May 9th  – and what a Scenester fete it was!   Our gracious hosts, Eric Tam, who is the managing director of Idea SF, and Tim Payne, president of Idea Integration, were kind enough to introduce us to the irrepressible Mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown.  And was that the dynamic duo we spied turning heads at the event?  It was indeed Anna Barber and Alexa McCulloch from Petstore.com!

Thursday May 11/eCompany Now @ Pac Bell Park

What a beautiful night it was for a cruise in the Bay and a concert by Barenaked Ladies in Pac Bell Park!  Kudos to eCompany Now for both incredible events – at the CEO-only cruise you couldn’t turn around without seeing another industry deal or alliance being made, and the concert in Pac Bell Park was the talk of the town (sorry, Webbies!)!  We met our gracious hosts, Norman Pearlstine, Editor-In-Chief, Ned Desmond, President and Editor, and Lisa Bentley, Publisher, and of course, Gerald Levin.  And there was Caroline Waxler holding forth for the second night in a row!  She’s becoming quite the Scenester.  We also had the good fortune to meet ShivVikram Khemka, who’s in from London and greatly enjoying his recent move from Moscow with his family’s business, Sun Technology – great to hear about the new addition to his family!  And it was great to catch up to David Haynes, CEO of AudioBase, to hear what’s new with his hot company.  Finally, our night was MADE when we had a chance to meet the dashing Bert Ellis, Chairman and CEO of iXL – we had been hearing what a wonderful place to work iXL is, and now we know why!  Bert, come back to San Fran soon – we need more like you!