Tuesday, May 02, 2000

Out of space? Think again

Just when you thought Silicon Alley was running out of space for your events, training and conferences, the Think Tank at 100 William Street was unveiled for all the Alley-ers eyes to feast upon. And feast they did. Wrap-around counters offered snacks and monitors to feed your tummy and your eyes. Bright yellow walls, red chairs and other primary color features played with your eyes, too. A serious DJ system kept your ears busy, and if you wanted a slight repose to sit and surf, well there's a classroom with more flat-screened monitors, scanners and ergonomic setups. Bright, beautiful, bushy, peach-colored roses reached out of leafy baskets, and the goodie bag set you up with a tumbler, brainteaser, taste teaser (chocolate) and some trade magazines.