Tuesday, May 16, 2000

The Internet goes to Broadway

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, and you couldn’t bear to attend one more panel of men angling to get their agenda out or standing amongst the idle chatter of a cocktail party with tasteless food, here comes Iconocast’s “Web Attack.” Styled as a Broadway musical, the show will be, well, like a show! And in theater tradition, Iconocast held a “Backers Audition” for the show’s investors…er, attendees at Metronome on Tuesday, May 16. Amidst set designs, I chatted with Susie Silverman, worldwide event coordinator for 24/7 Media, and Katie Scheding, senior director strategic partnerships for Juno. Stuart Gibbel (VP, marketing, Cyber Dialogue) and I caught up after not seeing each other for about five years, and Ken Magill of iMarketing News and I chatted about the positive and negative aspects of NYC and Buffalo. Mid-way through the evening, we were entertained with a song from the conference/show by an actual Broadway star! Wow –just hearing her sing about big signature files in high C sent chills up my spine! Just before leaving, I said a quick “hello” to Peter Adams of Primary Knowledge and bid Michael Tchong a fond farewell.