Tuesday, March 13, 2001

Springboard Women's Venture Capital Forum

Springboard Women's Venture Capital Forum, held on March 13, 2001 showcased 25 promising women-owned enterprises. In their 15-minutes of fame, each presenters highlighted her company. The day-long event was well attended by venture capital firms, investors and entrepreneurs. Among the presenters were Courtney Hudson, president of Emerging Med, a web-based company whose software accelerates development of new drugs. Erotigo CEO Stephanie Schwab, which will deliver adult content via wireless has a catchy slogan: "Sex in the palm of your hand" and will launch in NYC this spring. Cyota, Inc. founder Michal Tsur has expertise in security for financial transaction over the Internet. Post2Post.com president Gail Lindsay Blauer was very enthusiastic in her delivery for their delivery services for small and medium businesses worldwide. Xicat Interactive CEO Jamie Wolf, a worldwide publisher of game content, has built a $12 million sales company and is still growing. United Field president Marla Supnick, presented software for 4-D for corporate communications, spectacular outdoor displays and stock trading. One of the keynote speakers was Goldman Sachs managing director Abby Joseph Cohen, who feels that the stock market may be undervalued and expects corporate growth to resume later in the year. Later, at the cocktail reception I met were Alexandria Va-based Beicom David Thayer and a new arrival from Chicago, katalyst.com's Rick Tuley.