Thursday, March 29, 2001

Serious Party Series

There are a few event series our fair town enjoys-each with their own flair, drink specials and following and Thursday night, March 29th, was night of choice for many of them. Comet Systems director of marketing Ben Austin, Internet & Marketing Consultant Nicki Berlyn and Roz Goldfarb Associates Recruiter Amy Fried gathered their friends and following at the Cutting Room for their Internet MFG (Mixer For Grownups). Rhizome held its OpenMouse for art, music and digital concepts at FUN. Allison Hemming's Pink Slip Party was actually a few nights ago but draws a flood of recently laid off dot-commers. And the Village Voice's director of Online Business Development Jim Sosnicky gathered an assortment of actors, military personnel, firemen and dotcommers for the continuation of their historic and landmark watering holes tour at the Tavern on the Green. Jim introduced me to writer Matthew Reiss, who is working on a book on Fidel Castro and TBWA/Chiat/Day's Mikael Marticki. Upstairs Luke Haseloff told me he's moving on from Comet Systems. We chatted for a bit as tables of loud and young girls and boys grew more boisterous in the plush room.