Wednesday, March 07, 2001

International Wednesday

The middle of the week offered an assortment of activity for networking professionals. NYNMA was off and running with two SIGs--one on Compensation issues (Human Resources SIG), hosted by Verizon, and one focusing on India (International SIG), which was held in the Canadian Consulate. Heading down to the Angel Orensanz Foundation a collection of artists, scientists, architects and musicians rubbed elbows as they previewed a screening of Sputnik's new documentary "Man as Species." Sputnik--a content collective that tracks and interprets the emerging behavior of global culture--is hosting a two-day multimedia cultural event in June--manTRANSforms. For those with a penchant for beer,, WiredWorlds (sm) and Venture Vortex hosted a "Broadband Brooklyn Bar Night" in Park Slope, Brooklyn. And we all know how international Brooklyn is, don't we?!