Thursday, March 29, 2001

Heady Discussions and Groovy Reunions

Sure it was raining cats and dogs (again!) in New York on Thursday, March 29th, but that didn't stop the city from slowing down. And just because New Yorkers had to hunt for the scarce taxis, it didn't stop them from heading out to the plethora of events to puddle-jump. For instance there was the Tri-State Private Investors Network seminar on "Success Tactics for Raising Capital" and the Consulate General of Sweden in NY and the EU Center of NY's two day event on "Democracy and the Internet." If you were up for something a bit randier, ACME Talent & Literary agent Lisa Lindo hosted a Sundance Film Festival Reunion Party at Float. For all the skinny girls with wild afros teased out or blown-out straight there were equal amounts of shaggy men in leather or corduroy.'s David Friedensohn and I watched a bit of one of the movies played upstairs while a heavy bass beat moved dancers in the blue-lit dance floor downstairs. Pots of gold glitter face makeup decorated tables and I could see the bartendress was liberal with her application of it as she calmly told me our ¼ pint of Vittal water was $6. It wouldn't be a party without seeing the ever-present Bernardo, who introduced me to his friend Tomas and I saw Andrew Simon chatting with other guests as we gathered my items to head onto the next party.