Thursday, March 08, 2001

Blackbook's Creative Black Tie

Where do all the creative types go to boogie? Why, The Black Book's annual creative black tie party of course! Set in the spacious Metropolitan Pavilion on Thursday, March 8th, photographers, digital artists and creative directors were sporting flashy shirts, skimpy skirts and a bizarre accessory here and there. One sexy beefed up scraggly-bearded photographer amidst the throng was Hans Neleman (, whose interests shifted from me to another fellow during our conversation. 3D Media's Justin Sather, who is a 3D animator conservatively stood out, attired in a sport coat and tie. We chatted a bit, straining our voices over the super loud band belting out classic rock tunes. Some party guests, who seemed perhaps a bit over-served, were bumping and grinding in a most lascivious manner, but no one seemed to mind the show. Ken Emerson and active scenester Andrew Simon of TechTV were dot-commers spotted in the crowd. The WebSet's Darman Lopez was sporting his ultra-cool blue-tinted shades and Dear Addy's Adriana Kaegi was very "bombshell" in her red fishnet vest over a black bustier. In the far corner, Fuji Film was taking digital print photos of party guests, all trying to look super cool and bored as they stood in front of a red velvet curtain strung with roses, other flowers and white lights.