Tuesday, March 06, 2001

Lofty Microsofty

Many most likely have heard of Microsoft's Wired Home experimental models, but did you know that now they have an uber-sized loft in trendy Tribeca? The sprawling entranceway leads you directly into the open kitchen, with a hefty workspace island (for cooking) around which many folks were gathered. I chatted with Xworld's Shawna Pedersen for a bit and then swung around to the living lounge area where wine was served and the bulk of people mingled. Myles Scherr of Mylestone Consulting and I exchanged cards before I headed over to the large-screened TV and entertainment center where I-Hatch's Chip Austin and Matt Litwin introduced me to Fusient's Marc Metis. After a compelling conversation on business models and such I took my leave and zigzagged to the other end of the loft. On my way Reciprocal's Nat Antman and I said "hello." The corner loft had Northern and Eastern views and the floor-to-ceiling windows afforded advantageous views of the city. In one of the exterior sunrooms I found the City of Yokohama's Justin Zimmerman chatting it up with JPMorgan Chase's eInvestment Banking Group's Scott McDonald and Pier Connell. These charming fellows were impressed with the loft and as we noted--the highly wired space was pervasive, so you just felt like you were in a cool loft--not a tech center. Ritsuko Daye, who has her own flower business, was out and about this night and around the corner Mike Segal was chatting with Meredith Marwill, who's looking for a job in HR! Giant Step's Kerry O'Donnell and NetQuotient's Nir Gryn were enjoying the Northern view. Quite a few gents took advantage of hopping on the computers in each room and explored some of the more proximately displayed pieces of technology. As the party winded down, the subtle flashing lights and hum of wired furniture and accessories persisted in their lively activity, making this loft one very techno-cool pad.


Oops. We were so wowed by Microsoft's Loft in last week's edition, we forgot to mention whose event it was! Courtney, The fabulous New York eComm was the generous host that brought together all those witty folks!