Thursday, March 08, 2001

Protect Your Connection

In an evening of "solutions, not rehashing a litany of woes," the WWWAC hosted a panel discussion on Thursday, March 8th on Verizon and it's monopolistic and anti-competitive DSL/broadband tactics. Safely within the confines of the Canadian Consulate, members and guests debated the topic. Although there was some controversy about Verizon-bashing, with no representative from the company as a panelist, members got to hear case points by Boardwatch columnist Bruce Kushkin; US Internet Service Providers Alliance board advisor Joe Plotkin; Columbia Professor of Economics Eli Noam; Assistant Attorney General of the Attorney General's Internet Bureau Dave Stampley; Janet Torres, who's on the sub-committee for small business, retail and emerging technologies of the NYC Council and DSL Prime's Dave Burstein. While the issue is a real one, and frustrating at that, the topic will be around for quite some time. Hopefully more discussions can result in possible solutions.