Thursday, March 01, 2001

Great Space and a 212 area code to boot!

If you thought it was just a funny Seinfeld episode where Elaine was distressed over having a 646 area code while still residing in Manhattan, you're wrong. While the 646 numbers are becoming more commonplace, there's a sense of thrill when you can secure an actual 212 nowadays. And the NY Venture Space on Broadway and 37th is touting this feature as one of its many for new prospective tenants. Their official opening party on Thursday, March 1st drew a great turnout of investors who invested in this venture, partly because they were in a meeting before the soiree. And the reaction? They loved the space and were pleased with the tenants and how they're doing. Other guests who arrived were a consortium of people involved in real estate, construction and who were involved in the building. Building management representative John Impoco of Williams GVA was there as was Harris Smith Design's owner James Smith, who did the architecture. Joyce Schwartz, editor of the NY Venture Space newsletter and a tenant was most likely took notes on the space and chatted with some of the reps from public relations firm Linden Alschuler and Kaplan, Inc. and Cushman and Wakefield. Michael Drapkin, principal and founder of Drapkin Technology Corp. and published writer of "3 Clicks Away: A Manager's Survival Guide to Winning on the Web" made an appearance from his busy schedule to chat with guests and enjoy some of the fine white wine and stuffed grape leaves. Other notable munchies were the standard (but always nice fruit and cheese, quiche, fresh fruit, crudite, crackers and cookies. Some professors from Baruch College came, in support of their alliance with the NY Venture Space where they provide their small business center for their clients. Carla Hojaiban was gracious as a hostess and made sure guests got to meet the NY Venture Space CEO Lynda Davey, president TK Flatley and managing director George Khouri. Tours of the centrally located, fully wired space. Companies go through a screening process and if accepted, the NY Venture Space has the right to buy stock in the company at its initial price and get 1% equity. Hey, for these short-term rents and the conference rooms, secretarial services and a 212 phone number? It's worth it!