Tuesday, March 06, 2001

ADV ~ NYNMA's None of Your Business

Privacy is not only a political hot button; this year, it affects your business. Over a dozen privacy bills are pending, ready to change the way business is conducted on the Internet. Join NYNMA as the Evening Panel Series presents "None of Your Business: The Politics and Business Implications of Privacy": Tuesday, Mar. 6, The Equitable Building, 787 7th Ave. Reg: 5:30pm. Panel: 6:30pm. Our panel of experts, including William Safire (NY Times) & Jules Polonetsky (DoubleClick), will debate such questions as: If opt-in is the law of the land, does the Internet still work as a marketing medium? What's required to comply with the new laws? Has the offline world ducked the punch of privacy regulation, leaving the Internet to take it? Does Congress know enough to write a workable privacy bill? Pre-registration online only ends 3/2 - visit www.nynma.org today.