Friday, March 23, 2001

From Women in the Alley to Men in the Valley

After luxuriating in the painfully trendy lower East Side, I swung uptown to the equally painfully trendy Hudson Hotel (in the mid-upper-West side). Ian Schrager's trademark lime green highlights with stark white walls, leading up to a lush, landscaped reception lures trend-seeking trendites from all around. After taking a gander in "de bah," I spotted the treasure of my hunt - the newly shorn and sexy LA-based The Vic's Brad Nye. Gone was his trademark ponytail. Iinstead I was greeted with a very Richard Gere-looking Brad Nye. Brad was in town for a few days to attend business meetings and invited some friends to join him for drinks at Schrager's hot-spot in town. As usual, he was amidst a flock of friends who flew in from the West Coast (or from the Lower East Side) to share in his smile and stories. All was well. I chatted with Schwartz PR President Steven Wright-Mark, slightly tanned from his trip to LA for Internet World, Danielle Cyr and New Leaders for New Schools CEO Jonathan Schnur. Ariane de Bonvoisin,'s Alan Brody and his wife Ellen were also visiting, as was the dashing Lucent Technologies Mads Lillelund. PSA Inc.'s Robert King introduced me to CEO David Walsh, with whom I shared a nice salad and glass of wine while chatting with two actresses under consideration for PSA's new production, "This is Only A Test." As usual, a night out in New York proved to be a safari of people and places and promises of more adventures to come!