Thursday, November 09, 2000

Turn Baktun the clock

Old and new disco tunes cranked out of the powerful slick sound system while video montages, cartoons and anime flickered, froze and filmed by on the walls and flat surfaces. Adforce and Activate forced activity willing from more single skinny slick trendy Internet toilers. Many were a tokin' on cigarettes here too and it was highly amusing to observe shirts, lint, teeth, business cards and clear spirits illuminate in the black light throughout the dance floor. I indulged again in a long conversation with the Ascend Group's Andy Massik and then participated in more foto taking and biz card swapping with Mirror Image's CEO & President Cos Santullo and regional sales exec. William Mitchell. Their NY systems engineer, Hope Cunningham, was the most well-dressed woman I've seen at a party in a while and she introduced me to MTV director, digital media services Gennadiy Borisov.'s Bonnie Halper was paling around with Paul Hrisko and Net2Phone's John Ragals. And 24/7's Jodie Kahn introduced me to PumaTech's bizdev manager Todd Morris. As the music got louder, and the black light bluer, my internal clock suggested it was time for bye-byes and see-you-soons.