Monday, November 13, 2000

Investment and Business on the Far East side - Japan

            Relatively and literally in the Far East (depending on your perspective
            in NYC), the Japan Society held a one-day conference on Venture Capital
            and the Internet in Japan at its building on 47th Street and 1st Avenue.
            Starting off the day with a major speaker, attendees got to hear Patricof
            & Co. Ventures' Alan Patricof talk about opportunities and challenges in
            approaching the Japanese VC market. Gaijin, Inc.'s Mark Frieser (looking
            more dashing than an Englishman in a fashionable pin-striped suit, with
            colorful shirt and tie) presided over a panel on Japan's wireless web
            with Mobile Internet Capital President and CEO Dr. Ikuo Nishioka, IRI
            Japan President and CEO Hiroshi Fujiwara and Whitney & Co. MD Paul
            Slawson. AlleyCat News Editor-in-Chief Anna Wheatley moderated a panel on
            the view from America, and guests got to hear Mari Matsunaga, creator of
            I-mode web services, close the day with a thoughtful prediction of the
            future of the wireless web. Afterwards, in a swell reception in the
            Society's lobby area, Mark introduced me to the illustrious Netyear Group
            CEO Fujiyo Ishiguro, Japan Internet Ventures MD Bruno Grandsard and Japan
            Society's Corporate Programs Director Daniel Rosenblum. Xmuros MD Chin
            Kook and Business Development Manager Marjorie Kwan told me about the
            day's activities. Before leaving, I had a positively lovely conversation
            with LINC Media's (Japan Inc magazine) Karen Ng and Digital Garage's
            Deboarah Westby. Water softly flowed and lapped in the fountain, while a
            tree and flowers swayed as busy networkers wove in and out, carrying out
            proper bows and exchanging business cards. Ah, the simple delights of
            networking after a full day of fruitful learning.