Friday, November 17, 2000

Setting new standards

            Always true to its name, The Standard set a few new standards this week
            with the launch of its new stock index at the posh Cipriani's on 42nd
            Street. The Standard's Strategic Development VP Joe Walowski, who
            negotiated the deal, explained to me that with three writers from the
            publication and three analysts from Epoch, they chose the first 100
            companies to be listed on the American Stock Exchange in their index
            (XIS). The Industry Standard Editor-in- Chief Jonathan Weber and
  's Editor-in-Chief Dave Kansas were chatting about the
            market, which was the big topic for most everyone in attendance. Weber
            told me Bernhard Warner has joined European Editor-in-Chief James
            Ledbetter in London, where the office has grown to 25 in number. The
            Industry Standard Executive Editor Eric J. Savitz explained the processes
            to myself,'s CEO Robert Levitan and PR 21s EVP Renee Edelman.
            Epoch's Managing Director of Trading Stanford Green stood by the stage
            and chatted with guests curious about their choices.'s
            Business Development Director Andrew Gelman strolled along the marble
            floors, past the buffet bursting with delicious foods. The buffet was in
            fact one of the major topics of the night - lobster salad, shrimp
            cocktail, rack of lamb, smoked salmon, risottos, fresh pastas and salads
            keep guests coming back for seconds all night long. Doubleclick's CEO
            Kevin Ryan, Epoch's Scott Riles and Looksmart's CEO Evan Thornley were
            among the 60-70 CEOs who came to rub shoulders in the opulent setting for
            this momentous occasion. LaunchCenter 39's Marketing VP Cherry Arnold
            introduced me to general counsel Brad Muro and recommended the spinach
            and pesto cannoli. Soliloquy's Jonathan Saxon came over to say hello and
            The Standard Writer Mark A. Mowrey discussed the high points of the
            night. 3Path's CEO Brian Smiga and I chatted with's Miriam
            Eaves, The Standard's Publisher and Interactive VP and InTransition's
            Laurie Malen. Wit Capital's Zoe Adlersburg and her friends sat
            comfortably at a table and chatted while's Seth Price and
            iHatch's Chip Austin and I marveled at the dessert buffet on the other
            side of the room. Nicole Berlyn told me of her new-found independence as
            a consultant, and as I was gathering my coat the bartenders were still
            attentive to lingering guests, the band cranked out another modern jazz
            song, and the gift bags (with silvery piggy banks) were available for the
            taking on one's way out.