Tuesday, November 14, 2000

Early Birds Getting Morsels of Info

            Stories of dot-com downturns have resulted in a new source of hires for
            companies still in business - waves of employees recently fired. And
            while getting stock options these days has different meaning than it did
            a year or so ago, it still is a great carrot to lure new hires. These
            issues, along with many others, were discussed in the New York Industry
            Software Association's HR and Employment SIG breakfast on Tuesday,
            November 14. Held at Jackson Lewis Schnitzler & Krupman (JLSK) law
            offices, Daniel P. Moynihan addressed the several dozen HR and other
            interested professionals on the importance of having an employment
            philosophy, setting standards for your firm and devising various creative
            compensation packages. Various monetary, non-monetary, equity and
            non-equity tactics were discussed. Legal issues that arose were handled
            mostly by JLSK lawyer Penny Ann Lieberman. JLSK lawyer Philip Rosen and
            Manchester SVP Linda Smith chatted with me before the presentation about
            this SIG and its value.