Tuesday, November 28, 2000

CEOs Ecom and the World

This relatively quiet week was also marked by two mini-conferences: the Chief Executive CEO Conference and the e-Commerce Conference. I stopped by the CEO conference cocktail reception at the Windows on the World on Tuesday, November 28. I met dotCEO magazine Editor Chris Larson, who told me that this new publication will be coming out in January 2001. Chief Executive magazine COO and Publisher Carol Evans introduced me to Rohsen Tech and Marketing’s David Rohlander and Chief Executive magazine’s J.P. Donlon. We chatted with The Interactive Resource’s Christine Harmel when Skyscout’s President James Gellert, Corporate Communications Manager Heather Salmond and Corporate Development Director Andrew Milgram joined us. On my way out, I chatted with Tom Shattan of The Shattan Group, who told me that his private equity firm never invests in pure dot-com plays. And as the Windows on the World Turns, so do the Days of Our Internet Lives.