Tuesday, November 14, 2000

Super Duper Wireless Suds

          Some old-timers in Silicon Alley may think of NYNMA's Cyber Suds as a
            necessary evil. Some may not even think of it at all. But if you ventured
            out on Tuesday night to the Wireless Cyber Suds, you'd have gotten a good
            dose of new energy. It wasn't the largest one I've been to, but it had a
            good enough turnout to give the Puck Building's downstairs galleries a
            full, but not crowded, atmosphere. The music was great, and I got to see
            some familiar faces who are now doing some new things. Joe Rubin of
            HeyNetwork told me about his firm's new wireless service, ShareSpan. And
            Emmanuel Tzavlakis boogied over to present his back to me - showing off
            K2 Designs' new name - K2 Digital. Intercom's William Gabriel, Asia
            Booster's Laurent Waessa and Ken Kushner and George Isaacs of R2K
            Distributors all had enthusiastic news about their dealings. Jai
            "Wireless Know-It-All" Decker told me he was proud of me for keeping all
            my clothes on at Burning Man (in '97). Smart PR's Ed Gyurko told me that
            his firm is handling more corporate identity/analyst work. TechTV's
            Andrew Simon and Rare Medium's Reginald Greiner were checking out the
            scene by one sponsor's booth. Launch.com's Todd Alan, Ian Shapolsky and
            Labatts John Vellines were enjoying the suds part of the CyberSuds.
            Before leaving, I was able to have a quick Hello to NYNMA's Director of
            Educational Programs Ellen Auwarter. While all this networking was going
            on, Gaspedal Ventures hosted a pitch session the same night in Chelsea,
            while further downtown in Soho, Media Bistro held its regular soiree for
            journalists at Scharmanns.