Thursday, November 16, 2000

A Chariot To FUN

            As New York and coincidence would have it, I ran into Dan Witz, an old
            friend of mine, a traditional oil painter who now works in digital realms
            as well, at the Zefer Gallery ( His paintings stem
            from the photo-realism realm and capture people, animals and things
            frozen in space and time. He is especially good at Hummingbirds and at
            convincing this entirely inappropriately attired (fancy hat, short skirt,
            high heels, clutch pocketbook) journalist to join him on his BMW
            motorcycle to the next event. Seizing the opportunity, I decided my hat
            will live through the crushing wind, and I could stand to have my
            stocking'd legs face the city on a bike. So, I hopped on and we went
            jetting through Soho to my appointed stop. From Zefer to Location One to
            FUN (under the Manhattan Bridge), I relished the cool air on our faces
            and the artwork. FUN was hosting its Open Mouse, where Natalia Blamch,
            Jorge Castro, Max Herman, Suhee Wooh, Bret Nicely, Madame Chao and Yael
            Kanarek featured their works on the large, expansive wall. Music
            delighted our ears and visuals delighted our eyes. Drink tickets tickled
            our taste buds, but smoke polluted our noses. Rhizome Executive Director
            Mark Tribe greeted us and explained a bit of the program. We settled into
            a banquet to be enveloped in sensorial art. And we were. As the
            projections went on and the final artist set up, we hopped back on the
            bike and headed back uptown to Soho. A lovely, chilly, artfully inspired
            night with a dash of excitement. What a way to make living in NY!