Monday, September 25, 2000

World Wide Web Artists Consortium 6th Anniversary party


The NYSIA Summit ended with the World Wide Web Artists Consortium 6th Anniversary party across the street outside at the MetroTech commons. The tent was illuminated and despite the chilly air and rain some of the early and founding members came for the reunion and celebration. WWWAC president Bob Ponce was master of ceremonies as plaques were handed out to those who were influential and helpful in the start and sustaining of the organization. Agency's Kyle Shannon, Webspace author Larry Aronson, list-mom Ruth Shanen, list-moderator Jen Runne, technical supporters like Vanguard Media's Michael Pinto and Jesse Erlbaum and Globix's Marc Bell, Sorceron's Howard Greenstein and MindArray's Tery Spataro were all honored. There were many other awards for those who managed the SIGs and those who offered support in a number of ways. I chatted with attorney Otho Ross, StreetEYE's Druce Vertes and Richard A. Eisner's Jennifer Wolff and Bruce Strzelczyk. PriceWaterhouseCoopers Murray Alter introduced me to NYC Public Advocate Mark Green and Deputy Advocate for Special Projects Nancy Youman. Monte Bartlett told me about Method, his new gig and before leaving I met CollegeBroadband Eva Ostrum and attorney Diana Jarvis. Bibliobytes's Glen Hauman told me of the recent interest from notable suitors over his domain name: The night was chilly and rainy, but the sentiments under the tent were full of warm fuzzy feelings. The WWWAC-sters enjoyed a night of fabulously tasty hors d'oeuvres and drinks, ala The Perfect Event, and I'm sure each person who left reflected a bit on the past six years and what the next six will bring.