Wednesday, September 20, 2000

Boys and Girls and the game!

Wednesday evening was cool and crisp but at Solas in the east
village the air was warm and friendly with cyber networkers.  I
stopped in for the rsvpNYCity and celebration of the
digital entertainment revolution during the Independent Feature
Film Market. I brought new Internet networker, Nikki Epstein, with
me.  I was soon engaged in conversation with Eric Shively, producer
at Tallboy.  He gave me the full description of the evening
happenings.  Tallboy released an independent film, Boys and Girls
and the game.  (I won't give away the excitement of this hour and a
half looking-for-love-search in the city).  Eric introduced me o
Doug Olney, director of the film, and Todd Poudrier, starring
actor.  I was almost star stuck and can see that Todd will soon be
handing out the "Best New Actor in a Feature Film" award at the
Oscars. Todd's portfolio includes features in Providence, The
Perfect Storm and The Cider House Rules.  We began to discuss the
film and the quality of the feature.  I could tell that Doug was
having a great time and beginning to relax, it must have been that
hour of free Budweiser sponsored by or the
success of launching a great film.  I then met Mat Baker from, who sponsored the event, and Jeffery Abramson from
rsvpNYCity.  Everyone seemed to be having a great time and as I
headed toward the door, I quickly noticed and pointed out to Nikki,
a man and woman sprawled out on the back couch trying to star in
their own feature film.  Soft porn anyone?