Wednesday, September 13, 2000

The Art Directors Club

September 13 marked the opening reception for the R/GA digital
Studios at the Art Directors Club, located on West 29th Street. As I
made my way through the crowd to order my usual drink, a diet coke,
I glanced around the room, taking in all the visual images.  I was
soon speaking with Jeff Newalt, former communications director of
the Art Directors Club, who began to give me the grand tour of the
event.  He told me that R/GA Digital Studios is a design and
production company known for pioneering new media and the creative
integration of film, video and computer-imaging techniques. Jeff
said that the Art Directors Club is based in New York and is an
international, not-for-profit organization of leading creatives in
advertising, graphic design, interactive media, broadcast design,
typography, packaging, environmental design, photography,
illustration and related disciplines. Looking around the room, I
knew I was standing near brilliantly talented individuals, each
carrying their own styles. 

I was soon introduced to Brad Balfour, president/editorial director
of Cyber Cast Inc. The vivacious Michael Beckner was playing the
role of busy host. Also in attendance were such digerati as Creative
Good's Mark Hurst; Sunny Bates Associates' Sunny Bates, Robert
Gehorsam and David Rheins' MamaMedia's Idit Harel' Plumb Design's
Mary Azzarto; and more artists and directors than you could shake a
stick at! We all chatted for a bit and then moved onto our next
events for the evening.  

R/GA has been around for 23 years. The Transformation exhibit's purpose is to celebrate R/GA's past and document its current transformation.