Wednesday, September 20, 2000

A TechSpace Grows in Brooklyn

Not to be outdone, the Brooklyn Information Technology Center invited dot-commers from Brooklyn, New York and the surrounding areas to see their new space and learn about the advantages of setting up shop out there. Although the space was barely done, the group couldn’t seem to contain their excitement. Considering the fact that they're sitting several hundred feet from the largest POPS in the country and some of the greatest views of the New York City skyline, it's not such a bad idea. There was locally brewed Brooklyn beer and food from local Brooklyn eateries, not to mention music spun by local DJs. It took me a while to get out there, so I only caught the tail end of 'tails, saw the Chinese lanterns hung with care and spotted two handsome chaps leaning on a red-checked, tableclothed table. After introductions I learned these two local boys were none other than Jordan Edmiston's Director Grant Draper and Tom Newman. We had a good chat about the space in Brooklyn and the state of new media and investments. See? Compelling conversations can happen spontaneously and be sustained even without a panel discussion to direct it. Southwest Brooklyn Industrial Development's Executive Director Teresa Williams came over to meet us, and we chatted with Tim Nadeau of NetMediaVC and Chip Lewis of Continuous Media. On our way out I noticed that my leg had gotten bit by some bug, but I tried to ignore it as we chatted with Industry City at Bush Terminal building supervisor Manuel Arboleda, Dovy ruchthandler and Cushman & Wakefield's Craig D'Eletto.