Tuesday, September 26, 2000

Courtney Pulitzer Creations' 1st "Morning Circle" breakfast

It was a rainy Tuesday morning but our first Morning Circle breakfast was sunny inside the stunning UBS offices on 50th Street. Our four panelists--Avondale Search International's Margot Finely; Hudson Partners Rich Glaser; Eisnor Interactive's Sam Ewen and Business 2.0's Rachel Lehmann-Haupt--all spoke with their unique perspective on our topic "Creative Strategies for Surviving the dot-com Trends and Turbulence." After they offered their perspective, they sat back down at their roundtable and the conversations resumed. Guests chatted and networked, discussed the topic and had a full breakfast of eggs or French toast and croissants, muffins, Muesli and fresh fruit. Our next Morning Circle will be in November. Watch this space for future announcements!