Friday, September 01, 2000

TCS Intro ~ 9/1/00

Laboring for a Courtney Cause

Labor day is quickly approaching, and much of our nation shuts
down. Nay, even many Alley shops are putting their computers into
"sleep mode" for a few days. And with this slight late summer
slumber and cause celebre, I thought I would take the liberty to
announce a few things you may've noticed "headlined" above in
previous weeks, and some you may not be aware of.

Since the market correction in April there've been many articles
written on what's to become of Silicon Alley and the dot-com craze.
Even Red Herring recalled an earlier article on yours truly when it
interviewed Oliver Muoto in SF about the demise of the dot-com
cocktail party. An optimist at heart, I don't see the demise of our
industry, or of cocktail parties. If anything I see it maturing a
bit more as is naturally meant to happen. Even the hippies of the
60s grew up and had kids. They weren't necessarily more
conservative, but they changed slightly enough to be different from
the wild-flower-children they were.

Well our Fall will be a busy one, as will everyone's. Here is a
line up of some changes we're undergoing here at Courtney Pulitzer

* Internal adjustments
As we work to expand our offerings, we are also working on trying
to maintain and improve our technical sophistication. We aim to
deliver our content in a truly seamless, faultless way.

* List segmentation
We will be beginning to offer list segmentation, so you can choose
if you want to know about all the cocktail parties, or just
particular ones. As we secure more Cyber Scene writers, we will
offer segmentation of the newsletter as well.

* More cities for Cocktails with Courtney
We will continue in our global outreach as we identify (and are
identified by) other cities with a strong wired community and
interest in our events.

* New event series
Although the industry has plenty-o-breakfasts, we will be launching
our Morning Circle series in September. This breakfast series will
be unique from the others, and we think a wonderful opportunity for
a high-level group of professionals to get together and convene
over a hot breakfast and compelling conversation.

* Cyber Scene TV
We've taped a few shows already as we worked out our model, and
will be relaunching Cyber Scene TV in September as a weekly Web
cast. Drawing upon our strengths we will highlight the people,
events, culture and trends of the Internet industry through a
social perspective. As we continue developing the show, we will be
working on securing more on air and on line distribution channels.

* Inner Circle club membership
In an effort to offer our readers and cocktail party attendees more
value from our current offerings, we will be offering club
memberships. In addition to discounts at our charged events and
other industry events, members will receive discounts at high-end
hotels, restaurants, shops and for services. We are also offering
members access to our network of contacts. More benefits are being
mapped out as well.

* Courtney Pulitzer's Cyber Scene Print publication
Based on the discussion at our Morning Circles, pictures from top events, highlights from the online publication and more features, we will branch into a print publication for our readers and attendees.

* And that's not all, folks!
We aim to offer the same high-quality value in new mediums as we continue to grow. We heartily welcome and encourage your suggestions, comments and assistance! Anyone can email and we will get back to you within a reasonable time. Thank you very much for your support thus far and we look forward to seeing you all in September.