Tuesday, September 12, 2000

* An informal gathering--CWC Atlanta *

Whenever I go traveling, it's impossible for me not to host some
 sort of a cocktail party. Meeting people who are making a
difference in any town is important to me, and several folks we
invited came by to the Ritz-Carlton for a few martinis, gin and
tonics, and beers. I got to learn about PlanetJam.com and the
office-space-leasing situation from PlanetJam.com's CEO/president
Chris Bell and Director of Sales Jonathan Shapiro. Metamorphosis'
President Win Lochridge was gracious in his introduction to Atlanta
and the new media scene, from a 4th-generation Atlantan's
perspective. Screen 4 Me's VP Marketing Brian Hankin and
PressCafe.com's COO Lauren Benner came by per Cyber Scene writer
(and Yankelovich analyst) Frank Wrenn invitation. Our group grew
slowly and it was a lovely opportunity to sit and engage in
sustained meaningful conversations about growth of the 'Net, Atlanta
and relationships 'cross city, state and country boundaries. We'll
be sure to be back, and I look forward to meeting more wonderful