Tuesday, September 19, 2000

Bites, Bytes and boys!

The beginning of another week of networking brought me to the
bites, bytes and bar reception held at Harry's at Hanover Square.  
Before I entered the room I was quickly engaged in conversation
with Richie Emannnel from Nedstat.com.  He seemed quite confident
in Nedstat's trace and tracking capabilities, so much so that I was
sold on the spot.  That's what I talk about closing the deal.  As I
entered the room a herd of men approached me.  Oddly enough these
men were bankers from Citibank.  They seemed to be having a great
time, taking full advantage of the open bar. One even asked me to
dinner before asking my name.  Robert Puccio, financial specialist,
quickly apologized for his co-workers aggressive behavior. So we
began to discuss Citibank's small business capability, flexibility
and easy of customer use, speaking from experience on both parties. 
As I turned to locate a cocktail I recognized Mitchell Goldberg
from Bluewater Technologies speaking with Jordan Steinberg from
Teltrust. Mitchell, who was of course bronzed from his weekend
sailing ventures, extended a hello and welcomed me into his
conversation.  As the lights began to dim, signaling us eager
networks to head home, we ended our conversation and headed towards
the 6 train uptown.